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Information about FUN88

April 22, 2021 / Comments0 / 66 / FUN88
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The ‘standard’ or traditional way to give your man a hand job is to grab his penis and wrap your fingers around it and then stroke it up and down. It’s easy, but it’s slightly dull.

Thankfully there is an easy way to enhance this technique for more pleasure.

Start by grabbing his penis and wrapping your fingers around the shaft. Your pinky finger should be closest to his balls while your index finger should be closest to the top of his penis.

Slowly stroke him up and down with your hand FUN88 as you normally would.

This step is the important part: While stroking him up and down, rub your thumb over and back on the head of his penis. This means that your fingers will perform the standard up and down hand job technique, while your thumb is focused only on pleasuring the top of his penis.

Lube makes this technique much easier for you and far more satisfying for him.

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